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I thank the Gleaner for the expose on A's for AbIgail Cameron. This was a story worth telling. She worked hard. She deserved this scholarship.

Then a few weeks passed. We exposed Christine Leefatt, Bianca Hall on TVJ, both scholarship students, heading to St. Okay and University of Rochester, respectively.

A few weeks followed and we exhibited on our Great KIDS campaign...Harlem Angulu and Dominic Saunders. .Harvard and Princeton, respectively.

What a great year. We have Daniel Taylor's story coming next....on his way to MIT. Just blessed, aren't we?

I had oodles of fun working with them all.

Now comes.demolition demagogue Trump. So with all.these great KIDS who Will transform the is a good.thing that they now are so terribly smart..they will be change agents. For our future.

The summer wanes. CXC and CAPE Will be out soon. Registration for SAT and and ACT coming up soon. We dig our heels in and study.

Congrats to those who took the New SAT and are rolling between 1200 and 1490 in points. Well done on your first try.

Time for early action applications. .see you all in consultations.

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