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"The Amazing Hakeem and Dominic Wednesday Blog"

I am so sorry I had to be away from Dominic and Hakeem's grand interview on TVJ this morning. My Princeton and Harvard boys. In this age of black men shooting and/ or being shot down, it is healthy to see others striving to gain an illustrious education. They worked hard and deserve the prize.

Malia Obama has taken a gap year from entering Harvard. What a wonderful world of young, bright people. One where the black skin is seemingly undervalued, yet the GOP presumptive Presidential nominee's wife had to plagiarize the Princeton-educated Michelle Obama's speech. On with educating our black, brown, red, white masses who can surmount these specious reasonings set forth by Mrs. Trump.

PARENTS MEETING This Friday, July 22, 6 pm.....don't forget your notebooks.....Stella Maris Auditorium..... Montego Bay's is Sunday..... ACCEPTANCES Shane and Graeme Reid were accepted to Wayland Academy with scholarships. The last of my early SSAT group to receive entry for Fall 2016. Just waiting on Zidan to clear his hurdle. BOOKS SAT books will be available as of Friday.

Vermont was great! I saw many great universities and colleges. Loads to tell. To my traveling consultants, I do hope we will meet up again.



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