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Has the World gone mad? I am happy that Theresa May has become Great Britain's new Prime Minister? Imagine that her opponent had said as she had had no children, she could not possibly be qualified to run? Mad. Trump continues his disparaging rhetoric and climbs in the polls. Mad. Bernie had to concede to Hillary. Mad. America appears on the brink of a race war. Mad. Some of my students are migrating and wondering if they can withstand this maelstrom. Mad.

But they will. Jamaicans and particularly, my Versan students, are resilient. With poise, decorum and sharp intelligence, they will conquer their studies and make the Versan home group proud. On with it!

To my divas, who are concerned about "what do I do with my hair"....visit a hairstylist and be taught....use the techniques and like Beyonce, make lemonade, even in frigid New Hampshire weather. By the way, congrats Beyonce, on a superb album. Phenomenal. A tribute to all women.


It has been a record-breaking week for those going for visas and getting them. Smooth sailing.


Next Wednesday, Dominic Saunders and Hakeem Angulu will appear on Smile Jamaica. On Tuesday, I suspect our Chevonae Walcot, top Engineering prize at University of Pennsylvania will be featured in an article in the Jamaica Gleaner. I suspect this should surface next Tuesday. Congrats, Shari...I see London, though burning, has been your home for graduate studies. Looking forward to seeing you next week, so much to talk about.


On July 22 at Stella Maris Auditorium, 6 p.m., the students in Kingston will have their first Parents' Meeting. On July 24,, the Montego bay students will have theirs. Mobay, please ask Ms. Russell for further details.

Munro College Boys

Congrats to a few of our boys from Munro College who just joined us but pulled off whopping scholarships to private boarding schools.


The books came in twice and went oh so quickly. Another shipment will be due next Friday. Come early.



Marigot Development Corporation (MDC) secures $2.3million in scholarships to attend “US Private Boarding School”.

........Marigot, Dominica July 7th, 2016…..The Marigot Development Corporation (MDC), has proudly secured scholarships valued at $2.3million for students to study in the United States, through its five-year old ‘Study Abroad Program’. This part of the program targets students under 17 years old who are eligible for entrance at a US Private Boarding Schools. Students are facilitated in preparing for the entrance exam (the SSAT), selecting schools, applying to the schools and obtaining scholarships.

Michael Pascal, Project Coordinator, says they are extremely happy with the performance of the project this year with all students receiving substantial financial awards. Of particular note was that for the first time in the program one student received an award to cover 100% of the cost and the first non-Dominican student joined the program. The scholarship awards ranged from 85% to 100% of the total cost of Tuition & Board at these Private Boarding Schools. He is confident that if the students continue to excel at these elite boarding schools, they will be able to gain scholarships to continue their education at some of the top ranked colleges and universities in North America.

The student are Gracien Jules and Jervon St.Claire of St. Mary’s Academy (SMA), Jyana Seaman and Tiarra Georges of Convent High School (CHS), Adayah Balthazar of the Dominica State College (DSC) and Samantha Roberts of Christ the King High School in Antigua, who will join five (5) students currently in U.S on the program. The new students will attend Wilbraham & Monson Academy, Emma Willard School, Wayland Academy, Dana Hall School, Salem Academy and St. Andrew’s – Sewanee School.

A heartfelt thank-you goes out to all the parents who are part of the program. It is through their passionate support that the program achievements are possible.

Preparation of the next group of students for the ‘Study Abroad Program’ focusing on United States private boarding schools begins in August 2016.

For more information please contact:

Michael Pascal, Project Coordinator


Tel: 612-2248

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