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Tis a pity. We have shot ourselves in the foot again. After losing the lives of 49 persons in an apparent hate/terrorist act, our wonderful Attorney General in Jamaica has decided to declare her bigotry by saying that the LBGT flag is disrespectful to Jamaicans.

Well, let it be known that the US Embassy represents their bit of soil on our homeland territory, though she gave her personal opinion and she is now slated as espousing that sort of rhetoric...this blog knows that families, loved ones are in mourning and we stand with them in this regard. We commiserate lost lives.



We may not have had the Farewell Ceremony, but we certainly had the packets ready. We are happy to see all and sundry come through the doors to pick them up. Very useful information within.....Your list of itemsfor the dorm room are appended.

For some of you, parents are asking for a final talk. I am ok with that, slot in your appointment.


To my Campion students, Happy Graduation tomorrow...I will miss you guys.

To the Hakeems, Christine LeeFatts, Brittany Cameron and all tose who have come traipsing through my doors, I am happy to see you all......


For those leaving and in need of goodie bags of Jamaican treats, invest in the Reggae Carmella treats. They would have been at our Farewell Ceremony, so don't leave Jamaica without it (nicely packaged gizzadas, coconut cake, jackass corn, etc...) Your roommates will drool....The other company in question was Care Packages...they too would have been there...check them out.

Bank of Nova Scotia has a credit card for parents who wish to put funds on a card for "emergency" spending, not mall shopping....we should have that information sent to us soon.

Heritage Fund, another partner of ours, has a sign up for those in your households 14 years and younger for whom one needs to start saving college funds for...

As we know the struggle continues for those seeking cosigners...


Use this time effectively to get the show on the road, reinvent yourselves with the new SAT, repackage those applications, go for broke on Early Action'll get them next year.


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