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All plans were put in place for the grand finale .....but to no avail. The signs were ominous. Hillary Clinton is the Democrat's nominee.

Aw shucks! Ride or die, Bernie...with you till the end for free education. They all are drinking some kind of Cool aid. Not one that stuck with truth or principles.

Anyway, we have had to cancel our Farewell Ceremony. Another death in the Versan family..our parent, Mr. Richards. A loyal parent. He will be sadly missed.

To assist our students with the transition....we will prepare a list of items you will need for your dorm rooms as well as a document that would cover all items discussed.

This packet will be available on Monday, June 13.

Acceptances continue. Our own Natari Mohammed made it into CUNY:Baruch. So happy for this Horatio Alger student who pulled himself up by the bootstraps...and achieved what appeared insurmountable.

Chad Wayne Clarke made St. Augustine.


Please come in for student visa processing. We have been doing quite a few...don't forget to take in a CD of passport photos from Bryans Photo Studio, your passport, I20 form and acceptance letter.

Those going to Canada, the handout on Monday will reveal your action list.

The next big event are all the student insurance policies we are generating. Hurry up with those.....or ask about it.

Then..we are booking roundtrips for a few families....

Busy here at Versan.

I will miss this Farewell but Mr. Richards took precedence.

See you next week if God's willing.....

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