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A parent who missed our PreDeparture Meeting for Boarding School applicants sent me an urgent email about sexual improprieties betwixt students and faculty. It is an old story, Phillips Exeter, St. Paul's and St. George's in Maine have all fallen short of glory re: this matter in the press. Signs for concern? Absolutely. But here is the glass half-full, we have had students there during the bad press releases and incidents. Did they succumb or fall victim?

You see we have a wonderful element called Jamaican "broughtupcy" that sends a red flag around such inhumane behaviours. They were on the alert, as promulgated by our Farewell Ceremonies where they are warned to heed the signals, where to report such incidents evidence gathering, et al.

This Farewell Ceremony is a must attend.

On June 12, rapidly approaching, 5 p.m., we must all be present at Mona Visitor's Lodge. That finale goes down in history for the span and breadth of the information provided. Priceless.


Here at Versan we are feeling the summer cool. Classes are down to a bare minimum. We are in the mood for flip flops, beach, wine spritzers, straws, bar-b-ques, pools, beaches - get my mood? Out of office....but we linger, spring and summer clean the office and activities....prepare a few late-comers for boarding school, June SSAT exam...our GMAT, GRE and LSAT are wrapping up....

We will be this way till end of June....hmmm...then summer school gets busy.

Registration is briskly on-going. We welcome all those boys from Munro College!

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