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Congratulations, Vanessa Moo Young, former Immaculate alumna....who just completed her 4 years in Engineering at the famous Illinois Institute of Technology. She has her medal to show us (you go, Vanessa!)....I should have been there to scream from the roof of the auditorium ....I knew the struggles you faced and you still came out with one of the top awards....good luck with your internship and all else that matters....I love it, more women in Engineering!

On Sunday past, we had a packed room of students and parents whose children will be departing soon from boarding school. They henpecked the brains of Cliff Hughes (daughter attended Dana Hall in MA), Mrs. Sue Chai (whose twins attended Kent in CT) and Mrs. Winsome Heslop (son attended Kent in CT) and of course, little old me (whose nephew goes to Hawaii Prep - HI). Packed with information, parents wrote hurriedly into those notebooks and did not falter one bit in asking salient questions.

One past parent remarked, "What a great bunch of parents, earthy, humble and vested with pragmatic questions..." We love our Versaner parents!


At 9 p.m. in my office after many phone calls and bills being paid, I breathed a sigh of relief at coming to the end of one busy semester...with some reprieve until the July classes. Registration is brisk. We are grateful and humbled.

So I can relax and not stress too much now....although my Barbadian parents are hounding me now, chomping at the bits, soon come.


Congrats on your phenomenal success, 99% placement. Good for you. We love our small islands you know, though I have yet to take that hike up the mountains....Smile.

See you next week.

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