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"The "DO YOU" Movement Wednesday Blog"

This Sunday at 3 pm....we meet with all successfully accepted boarding school students. At the office. The meeting will be chaired by Mrs Sue Chai (her children attended Kent, MIT, Stanford via Versan), Mrs. Heslop (her son Matthew attended Kent then DePaul University. He now teaches at Kent)...Mrs. Leefatt, her daughter attended The Hockaday School and is off to a great institution in Minneapolis - St. Olaf. So parents will have experienced past parents who will convey the "ins and outs" of the.boarding school system.


Kudos to Tiffany Zheng who also got off.William College's wait list. ...Janice who got off John Hopkins...

For Boarding School

Congrats to Joshua Goldson who heads off to King Edge Hill School in Nova Scotia, Canada...

Daniel Shen who got into The Dwight School Canada and Merit Academy...California

Kristina Munroe - Linden Hill

Keep them coming Versaners. ....


JUNE 12th 5 pm....The Gold Room...Mona Visitors Lodge...Don't miss it. That's all I'm saying .....the afterlife of high school....precollege tips. Bring a notebook or phone (millenials).....lots of information.....I'm just sayin'......

I am happy that classes are over....well..largely..there are still a few taking exams in June. So Versan's office is somewhat subdued..praise God....but the graduation pictures coming at us from high schools...colleges....we are blessed by the capacity of students to complete a see things through to the end. Congrats. My graduates. Christine Leefatt, you were just too gorgeous in that dress.

Keep them coming kids....and to my Stephen Millington who marries in Finland at the end of this month....the years have slipped by...I took you from Manchester High ' s VITH form to Groton School in MA. Dartmouth University...then NYU Law School

Where you will now we'd a lovely Finnish girl who topped your law school class. You Versaners! !!!

Joshua....jumping off Hawaii..higher than Rick's Cafe ...whoa!


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