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So much has happened in 7 days. Donald Trump is the presumptive Republican nominee. Rush Limbaugh is a folk hero for the angry white masses, Malia Obama gets pilloried for getting into Harvard and taking a gap year, Hillary is under attack for being a politician, Bernie reigns supreme in Indiana and I wonder, is it wise to send my students into that hotbed of a mess?

I am deliberating, I am saddened, repulsed but at the end of the day, one of my innocent young maidens from Immaculate who will take up her position at Eckerd College in Florida was told by a wise Jamaican caretaker at the school, dubbed "Uncle Patrick".....he said, and we should all hold this as wise counsel, "You will see folks who are not real, far from your cultural divide, unwelcoming, but if you are comfortable in your own skin, remember, stay focused and do you!" This will be my theme for the Farewell Ceremony. "Do You!" Uncle Patrick should get an Honorary degree from Eckerd College. It is the finest piece of advice ever given to a group of students heading North.

Oh, and Malia, chin up....enjoy your Gap Year, I think it is a marvelous idea. Stay out of the limelight of this polarized that this crazy group of n'er-do-wells have placed at the feet of your father. History repeats itself...go back to the end of Reconstruction and the emergence of Jim Crow laws, see the similarity? The racist rant used against you should give you courage to hold your head up, do the "Donald" and with every stroke of your breath, rail against the darkness via good deeds, a solid education, wise investments and a desire to make America great again by inclusion and not exclusion.

Bernie, you have been my choice since the start of this Presidential race. Whether it is you or Hillary, the fight has now begun.

This blog will now commit itself to advocating for the Democratic campaign, whomsoever takes the helm. Let's all do the rant and rave and fight this tidal wave of darkness against all races.

Go California, show the rest of America, that we mean business. You have always been my favorite state, well-read, barometer of change....let's go surfing!!!!!


Tiffany Zheng - Williams College

Ankier Bullock - Monmouth/ Howard/ Millsaps/Anhui Medical School (China)

Tinaya Wildman - USF


Isn't it interesting that all these colleges are now pulling some noteworthy students off the wait-lists?

Tiffany came off at Williams, Janice at University of Rochester.....

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