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Within a week, the first batch of students will sit the NEW SAT on May 7th. I do hope they will have read prodigiously, practiced night and day, scoured all literary magazines recommended...oooh, if wishes were horses.

I know that most, if not all students, use the first as the "teaser", then suddenly, the second time and third time around, we see the climb...the surge towards a perfect score.

If I were to hand a test to the current batch, I fear that the responses I would receive are:

"The Maths, Miss, I don't know...."

"Not enough time to complete all 4 passages..."

"I ran out of time, period!"

"I should have spent more time preparing".....

So please use these few remaining days to cement the weak areas and forge ahead.

Mock exam is this Friday at 10 a.m. or 1 p.m. for others.

OK, I need you to relax, breathe and pray...#LiveloveVersan.

Congratulations to Chevonae Walcott graduates from UPenn this May and has won one of the highest Mechanical Engineering awards at the school.


Jamar Sewell - Hampton University

Kathryn Darby - UBC

Chad Spencer - Florida Institute of Technology

Pia Fearon; Barry

Gillian Edwards - Illinois Institute of Technology

Ria Thakurani - Chapman University



End of April, just a ‘reminder’ that students need to be making decisions in relation to any course they wish to commence in the September, 2016 intake.

For students requiring an entry visa into Ireland, visa applications can take a number of weeks

to process. If students are interested in pursuing a course, we would recommend that we need to start to progress their application in the coming weeks.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of any assistance.

Courses available include:

Ø University Courses

Ø College Courses

Ø English Language Courses

Ø Pathway Programmes

Ø Foundation Year courses

Ø Junior Summer Programmes

Ø Study abroad programmes

Ø Secondary\High School Education

Best Regards,


Irish Education Advisory Services,

53 Springhill Ave,


Co. Dublin,




Skype: Ieas Ireland

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