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"Chasing turtles" Wednesday Blog

Having received pictures from our own Joshua in Hawaii....I quite like the concept of tagging turtles at night whilst they sleep as they cannot see.the wet.suits late at night. This program is one of the flag ship programs at Hawaii Prep. Great school.


Sapphire, is one of our young ladies in Barbados, who will be sitting her exam this Saturday.

One of our older girls made it into Montana State for architecture.

Barbados continues to shine unheralded.


We have to honour the hard work of Mr. Michael Pascal who has mastered the Boarding School process. He has garnered a number of healthy scholarships. May he continue to prevail against the economic odds.


The exam is this Saturday. GOOD LUCK my students. Please get to AISK by 8:00 am.

With your ID'S, pencils #2, eraser,sharpener. Lunch.....

Breathe, pray, be happy.


Off today to Calabar and St. George's....both.schools.a different reflection in organization. Go Calabar for thorough.preparation and delivery. Sorry, Calvin.


To Dominic, Hakeem, Abigail and Olatunde, thanks for a clean sweep of 1) Harvard 2) Columbia 3) Cornell 4) Dartmouth 5) Brown 6) UPENN 7) Yale 8)Princeton

Certainly, not in any given.order. To all our other champions...those who made the MIT'S. AL. ...we have posted on the board in the office.


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