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"CONGRATS-YIPPEE!" Wednesday Blog

The blog this week takes a hiatus from sending out much information. I had to attend the memorial of my ex-husband. A nice affair-all his songs, friends in the music fraternity. He would have liked it.

I wish to congratulate the record number of placements to: Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Brown, UPenn, Stanford, UChicago, Dartmouth, Cornell......realize we got all the Ivies. Record achievement.

To our students in India - good show!

To our students in Dominica's SSAT group: record scholarships!

To our students in NY - wow! (Go Bernie, Go Bernie- the primary is coming your way, so go out and vote my 18 y-o's!)

To our students in Montego Bay - wonderful performance.

Next week, I will highlight all the names, I am just drained from the day's proceedings. Tomorrow we are at University of the West Indies, Mary Seacole Hall.

Thanks for all the great wishes during this period of mourning. Go sing on, Jimmy!

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