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Elections are over. My true blue candidate Bernie Sanders took a shellacking but still came out with 4 states. Go Bernie! Speak truth to power and the revolution will come, maybe not this year, but certainly, the articulate minority is losing ground to the overt majority of Trumpians. Oh dear.....I watch this US election closely. Why not Hillary? She will prevail, and I sincerely hope, she is ready for the mudslinging from Trump. I hope she can handle it. But I will remain a Bernie girl forever. Fight on, Bernie. Wasn't Chris Rock just glorious at the Academy Award Ceremony. Black representation, phenomenally done.

One of my students at a noted boarding school is facing a tiff of she called me...My response. Fight he power to the top of the authority pool, diplomatically and with evidence. A smile helps. Hold that head up, walk through the much, keep your eyes on the sun. Ignorance usually melts right away under the radar of intelligence, articulateness and excellent oral delivery. Malign no one. Speak your truth quietly and forcefully. The best outcome will prevail. I have been there before.


Hakeem Angulu - Emory

UNC-Chapel Hill

Kashira Grant -University of New Brunswick (graduate student)

Shem Lee - Oregon State

Sean Mullings - University of South Florida/St. Leo's University

Carlisa Brown -University of Charleston

Sashanna Hayden - St. Mary's University

Sally Lewis - Montana Tech (Barbados)

Deshawn Ellis - Jacksonville University


St. Anne's Belfield

(Luke Scott, Jacqueline Wang, Shayne Miller, Maia Kumst)

St. George's

(Shayne Miller, Shili Yang)


We are foraging in the Tri-State area for a few students who are interested in looking at campuses. We will be visiting campuses in New York, Connecticut and New Jersey. This will be for the Easter break. Those interested can email us at for details.


One of our students at Howard University has been accepted to serve as an intern in South Africa. To assist with the "Empower a Volunteer", please donate online, write his name in the Volunteers Name box, give your email so you can get a tax receipt.

Foundation Courses in Ireland offering high quality Health & Science (Medicine) and also Business, Science & Engineering courses as a pathway to over 30 leading Universities based in Ireland, UK & Europe.

International Foundation Year (Health and Science) course offers eight progression routes onto medicine degree programmes:-

Ø Royal College of Surgeons Ireland, Dublin

Ø University of Central Lancashire, UK

Ø St George’s, University of London, UK

Ø Royal College of Surgeons Ireland, Dublin and Malaysia

Ø University of Debrecen, Hungary

Ø Charles University, Czech Republic

Ø Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU), Lithuania

Ø Royal College of Surgeons Ireland, Bahrain

International Foundation Year (Health and Science)

Entry Requirements:

- Minimum High School Certificate (further details on request)

- Minimum IELTS 5.0.

Course Fees:

- euro €14,800 for IFY (Health and Science) including placement


Ø Two intakes; September and January

Ø Two semesters, assignments and exams.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at if you are interested in learning more.

Shanghai, one of the world’s most populous and important cities, is the largest and traditionally the most developed metropolis in China. In recent decades, it has gained international importance as the country’s main center for finance and fashion. Combined with its status as a center of Mandarin in a linguistically diverse country, these qualities make Shanghai an ideal location for your intensive Chinese language study and cultural immersion.

The Great Nation Group ChinaStudyTour Summer Program in Shanghai, offers you the

opportunity to explore the Chinese language study within the course of a two-week summer

session . The program offers an intensive courses in modern Chinese at the entry, intermediate

and advanced levels, all of which include a curriculum materials designed to develop and

reinforce all aspects of Chinese language ability—including speaking, oral comprehension,

reading, and writing, in authentic cultural contexts.

The course structure is designed to maximize your language acquisition, with four hours of class (lectures, drill sections, and a one-on-one session) every day, Monday through Saturday, from morning until early afternoon. You will devote much of the remainder of each weekday to participate in a variety of extracurricular activities (e.g., calligraphy and martial arts), as well as an opportunity to share time with local Chinese students and teachers in a relaxed setting.

On the weekends, there are performances (e.g., acrobatics show) and excursions (e.g., Huangpu

River, West Lake, the Bund, Yayuan Garden, Temple of Hidden Souls). You may also spend time on weekends with host families to experience the daily lives and customs of Chinese

families. This school/society nexus gives the program its unique participatory flavor, with

language instruction continually related to its Shanghai setting.

The school chosen to host the Great Nation Group will be of the highest quality and reputation. It will be fully supportive of the aims and objectives of our program, and dedicated to the comfort and security of the students. The ChinaStudyTour Summer Program in Shanghai welcomes students between the ages of 8 and 18. Please call us to apply or visit us at for additional information.

The Great Nation Group

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