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My brother has a juicy job in England where he gets to go around the world and rate hotels. I too would like this juicy job where I can deep-sea dive in Cozumel, Mexico. Really? Here I am slogging away in classrooms, oh the sibling rivalry!

On the other hand, the acceptances keep me smiling, but not elections. I tend to pick the underdogs all the time, they may not win, but I still hold fervently to the notion of clean politics. I do support Spike Lee's endorsement of Bernie Sanders. I like the innocence of Mr. Smith goes to Washington to clean up corruption. Many would say not the real world. I dream, however, like most young people. One honest apple can have a healthy effect on the lives of many...Think about it....

On the elections in Jamaica....well, at 5 p.m. tomorrow, we will find out. Scary....


Chelsea Coubry - Western Ontario

Emily Young - Wilfred Laurier

Brandon Barnes - University of British Columbia

Ricardo Smith University of South Florida

Deadline: March 1, 2016

First prize winner will receive $1000 and featured publication in Best College Essays 2016. Two second prize winners will receive $500 each and featured publication. Runners up will be published in Best College Essays 2016. We expect to publish 75-100 original essays in this book. Fee waivers available on request.


The mission of Best College Essays is to honor and showcase the stories, lives and dreams of students about to take the most important journey of their lives.

Best College Essays 2016 welcomes original college admissions essays from students applying to college for the 2016-2017 academic year.

Feel free to email Gabrielle Glancy, Series Editor, at with any questions.

See you next week!

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