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"BARBADOS HERE WE COME" Wednesday blog

So the wheels are churning for the island of Barbados. Who said Zika virus....the Bajans take it with much aplomb, they do their thing and life goes on. Just spray on the insect repellant, wear long sleeve shirts and life was just fine on the island. What we did not know is how very appreciated our presence would be there. email and repeat visit is mounting and precious. The Montego Bay director is hedging her bets as to when she can go and visit.

So to all the darling students I met, along with their parents, famous last words, "I will be back soon!" Yes, the blog should have been up yesterday....but tardiness.....

So Danielle, Sapphire, Sally, Chancee, Charm, Jordane, Jaire, Jaire's brother (second son), Nikolai, Dereck, Rachael, Daneisha, Donesha and Ms. Alleyne, I had fun with you all.



I sometimes wonder if Montego Bay is sleeping but these acceptances say otherwise.......

Matthew Amair - WPI (Master's in Civil Engineering)

Helen Newman - FIT

Shimmith Turner - Gannon University

Sean Mullings - St. Leo University


Christine Lee Fatt - University of British Columbia

Brittney Cameron - Penn State University

Dominic Saunders - Lafayette (Marquis Scholarship) (wow!!!)

Roejan Allen - Cedar Crest College

Regis College

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