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More Acceptances Wednesday Blog

The new classes.will begin in February. New old staff are being trained for new old positions. Like the oxymoron if twist? Ms. Dobson, teacher of English raised to Consultant level...Ms. but old in work ethic..tackling administration..a new old English teacher tackling Ms. Bramwell's teaching jobs...I love it.

What of Ms. Bramwell? Her new name Mrs. Bramwell Rose takes on epic proportions...being back and forth between Jamaica and New York. She is still solidly grounded in Jamaica.....


Lydia Webster - University of British Columbia S. Peterkin- University of Charleston Luke Scott - Bishops in Canada Brittany Cameron- University of Virginia

There are a few more names...but as I am standing without my JFK airport doing this blog at 11 pm...with 35% battery life..all will and should be forgiven.

Harvey Mudd

Harvey Mudd has a program for high school juniors...girls interested in the sciences..All's me more about it.

This weekend it is Barbados.

We welcome the finishing of all financial aid packages and start of all classes. On with 2016!

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