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For the last three nights, I have been going home close to midnight. Can you believe it, schools have not uploaded transcripts, recommendations have not been done....students remain clueless about the International Student Financial Aid forms and the Certificate of Finances. Hurry up, tomorrow the ship sails with the packages, and you are all still playing" footsies" with your college years. SAT scores are out and students, willy-nilly, are depressed, elated, but I need to take action quickly. So give me your scores so that we can add or delete a few schools. Got it? Action must be taken. Next week there will be no blog. So Happy 2016 with great decisions for all. Happy Birthday, Calvin!!!! The mailbag will continue right throughout the year. ACCEPTANCES Jason Lawson WPI Gonzaga University Coubry Queen's (Canada) St. Thomas (Canada) Tayler Sinclair Manhattanville Roejan Allen Regis College Njeri Smith Regis College Congrats to those who made it over the 2000 mark. Good show. And to the champions of Versan - the SSAT group - 12 of you with 99%......I am blown away. What a great Christmas gift! Talk to you all next year. The office will be open next week.

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