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Early Action Decisions Wednesday Blog

As we wind down with a few days before Christmas, I see students running amok to capture the attention of guidance counselors and teachers for recommendations. Some have been asking their faculty members from the month of September. Is there a diabolical plot to not assist those going overseas? Poor darlings, they tried, listened....and to no avail it seems..

WHAT GOES IN THE PACKETS FOR MAILING? 1. Financial Aid Forms and supporting documents. 2. Any artistic dossier 3. Awards documentation 4. Recommendations and transcripts for schools not on Common App.

EARLY ACTION DECISIONS- CONGRATS! Many were so afraid to go this route. Why?

Michaela PASCAL - Colby College (full ride!)

Hakeem Angulu- MIT

Bianca Hall - University of Rochester (aid letter pending disclosure anon) Others will tell me tomorrow when results come out. Some major results, I believe, fingers crossed. MANY WERE DEFERRED, WORRY NOT, WE HAVE HAD LUCK IN GETTING THEM OFF DURING REGULAR DECISION. THIS SUNDAY Again I will have a long day as I am in Barbados developing a new market. I return this Saturday, hence....missing days mean many appointments packed in... ADIEU We say goodbye to Mr. Morrison. We wish him well in his future endeavors. See you all next week.

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