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"The Final Leg" Wednesday Blog

So, we are in the final stretches for the year. I am amazed that most, if not all, have their packets ready for mailing and have submitted their online applications. So proud of them, these organized students. Of course, there are those who are still lost in the woods....hurry up...schools close the latest next week, and some of you have no counselor letters, no teacher recommendations nor transcripts sent......noooo! 15 days to Christmas What a year! Our Montego Bay Manager has a bouncing baby girl, our two interns, Najaye Wallace and Shanice Rerrie both got their visas in this week and are both off to college FIT and Stetson, respectively. Congrats, ladies. Also, I salute one of my dearest families, the Habibs who lost their dear Gabriel. I cherish the notion that a tree has been planted in his honor, a pout one at that at the AISK. SAT So the big day came and went. Dec 17 deadline anyone for the January resit? Smile..all I heard was, "not enough time..", "who gave all those long passages?" Dec 22 is the day of reckoning..we will see with the results. MOCK EXAMS Last week's mock exam was fun. Loved the turnout. Thursday is for the SSAT. We wish them much luck. And hope they do not ravage the pizza like the others. The camaraderie was excellent. THIS WEEK'S PIC My former intern Nicholas Foo has seen snow before everyone else. Go make a snowman, Nicholas and stop throwing snowballs.


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