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I do not know, but I feel time is just not enough in any given day. Yesterday, I flew in from the St. Lucia and Barbados legs of the fair, exhausting! I must have slept the entire way back. Only to reawaken this morning for the Kingston leg of the fair.....all eleven schools are nicely ensconced at Stella Maris' auditorium, going at it from 10 a.m. this morning to....we hope to finish by 3, the latest. I must add that Barbados piqued my interest and I am very excited about going back to finish what I know will be Versan's third satellite office in the Caribbean. Dominica and St. Lucia already are...Panama has been knocking as well as Ecuador. We will see. But definitely, Barbados. So much to do there for so many smart kids! Jamaican students, be on the alert! CONGRATULATIONS ARE IN ORDER The first acceptances for the year go to: Rebecca Hugh - St. Leo's College University of South Florida Stetson Dalhousie in Canada Manley Liu Mount Allison in Canada Yaay! To Calvin Wright for making it 1st in the Caribbean for CAPE French. Ooh, la, la! 10th for Literature... Congrats to all those whom I heard about at Wolmer's Boys' School... And all our students who fared well.... SSAT Today is their Boarding School Fair 2015. All snazzily dressed, they were early for their interviews. Ooh, so adorable. We welcomed these schools for the Fair: Concord Academy Deerfield Academy St. Anne's Belfield St. Georges (Canada) Chaminade Preparatory Chatham Hall Bishop's College (Canada) Havergal (Canada) George Stevens Academy The White Mountain School Northfield Mount Hermon Travelling with these schools was like a Mini-family camping trip. I loved all the participants...looking forward to 2016. NEW SCHOOLS TO REVIEW: The Regent's International School in Bangkok - phenomenal boarding school, IB ...Maximum scholarship is 100% of fees. A written test will be sat in English and Mathematics. I just like the fact that so many get into Oxford and Cambridge?! kind of boarding school!!!! (Do fill out a Global Connect application for this school)... For Universities in Indiana: Look at University of Evansville, good at Engineering, Business, capable of getting a 55% deduction (scholarship) with good tuition is $34,000. Good value. See you next week.

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