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"THE RESULTS ARE OUT" Wednesday Blog

The weary traveller returns....and jet lagged, I prevail. A few nods and sleepiness during consultation hours, but I am getting through, despite a few snickers and guffaws from my students. I assure you I should be fully revived shortly. RESULTS Who said one could not improve by 200-400 points on the SAT? The improved scores for many were astounding. Students virtually improved by those points. Make that all those doomsayers who said cautiously that students could only increase by a few points and could not resit with much fanfare or great change....we say a royal Versan Pshaw! Take that!,,, To the first timers who sat the exam and landed in the 2000 range, I take my hat off to you....some had thought they were just not quite ready....apparently you were listening in class. To those who landed 1800-1900, most now can make that 300 point leap. There are others who landed 1400 to 1700, the race is not quite over yet, there is December, January..... I must I quite liked the 11/12 on essays, go Calvin, Brittania with her 10.....nice! The 700's achieved in the SAT II subject tests, very good Tiffany and Janice. Jillian and Bianca, again courageous efforts. Congrats to my students for a valiant effort. APPLICATIONS Most everyone should be in full gear with their applications. I was amazed at young Tahjae Douglas who has completed near all his applications for his boarding schools. Everyone is working full steam. I may be bombarded with appointments but I am quite amazed at the level of preparedness by the students, the quality of the written essays, the use of their planners, ooooh, these chickadees will be ready to leave Mother Hen for distant shores..... For those who are still confused, you miss emailing me, you miss calling or texting me, what sapping, mere contact. Step out of the haziness and reach out. While traveling for the past two weeks in search of new schools and scholarships, I was overwhelmed by the number of emails I received and the students/parents who simply kept in touch and who inevitably kept on working..... That is the true secret to success. NEW SCHOOL FOCUS For the college bound student who wants to do Game Design and Animation meet the uber new school with competitive rates: Gnomon. I need not say more. Check out the website. Oh, this is why I travel. For my musically inclined Music aficionados, who are green card or US citizens, hold closely to your chest, dear Moravian College in Philadelphia, a winner.

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