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To be away from office for more than a week makes me feel distended. I so want to be present for my consulted, but I am, for once, grateful for emails, Whatsapp and phone calls. My roaming charges will be through the roof, but all worth it.

I see that University of Rochester has visited and interviewing a few students. Good. Most of you benefited from the "Wink Wink" affair, so interviewing skills should be in place. I have received calls from Lafayette College and St. Mary's University. They will be visiting soon, so keep watching the blog for details.

Lessons Learnt

Hawaii Preparatory: Excellent STEM Program (concentration on Maths and Sciences), excellent teachers, relaxed atmosphere, five Jamaican students there, phenomenal environment. Two thumbs up!

Las Vegas: The Chinese community are purchasing most of the homes in California, ESL programs are burgeoning every day, getting into top universities like Stanford require academic projects that blow the mind, apart from SAT and ACT scores (Google these YouTube projects by California kids: Nerd Girl Homes, Kids4Hydrogen, Progressive Brake Light System). See your competition.

University of Oklahoma has a great price for college and boasts one of the top programs for Meteorology, Entrepreneurship, Aviation, Petroleum Engineering, Dance and Drama. Ticket price: 39250, in a world where 60000 is the norm.

I hope to have added some ads sent to my emails as well as some beautiful pictures of where Hawaii Prep is located.

See you next week.

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