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I must apologize. I have been ailing with the flu and cold. I took forty winks and missed the Republican Primary debates. I saw on MSNBC this morning that Carly Fiorina thumped the Donald...and I am proud of woman power. Watch out Clinton, she is showing you how to fight back. I am excited, a few guests fly in tonight. We should have a good show tomorrow. "Wink, wink".... We have bee reeling from book purchases and wish to say categorically, the third shipment is in and selling briskly. Do not let the books go again...what I see short are dictionaries. Another shipment on the horizon. Chemistry books are on the low again, those go quickly. Welcome back, Kimberly....To our two front desk ladies, Najaye and Geana, we pray that they continue to grow in the assiduity they apply to the job. Kudos to them...don't let the ball drop and lose focus. Did I forget Ms. Rerrie in Mobay, she is doing a fabulous job. Hang in there Russell, remember, having the "sugar" works well in Customer Service....Need I say that I have been invited to give a talk on Customer Service at JPS CO. Ltd. Go figure.....boy, do I know about Customer Service! 21 years of it. BOARDING SCHOOL FAIR Deerfield just joined the troops. We have a bevy of schools coming to Jamaica and we are expectant of good things from our current crop of SSAT students. Let me see those outfits! BLOGS We have three past students with great blogs. Yes, I take my hat off to this blog that has engendered many, true role of an educator, yes? Zara Williams-Nicholas(currently at Swarthmore) has started a blog on Investing while a Freshman. Alexander Myrie at Howard University waxes poetically about his internship with an Environmental Agency and Justin Hamilton, a student at Florida Tech University, has a wonderful blog where you can check all the flights he currently does....flightsbyhamiltonwordpress..... Have a read, be educated, amused and see what Versan alums are up to... BRITISH HIGH COMMISSION One of my past students, Nicholas Robertson, now works at the british Council and had me come to their Cocktail Reception last night. I met the British High Commissioner, Ambassador Fitton, Mr. Wade, Head of the Council Division...hats off to the team. I am proud the Minister of Education made it, along with the former PNP Minister of Education, good to see a few past parents....while nestling a Moscato in hand....and hats off to the caterers, Top Shelf.... I do not often remember the finger foods provided at cocktail receptions...these lingered on...Congrats Top Shelf, you paid attention to the details...musicians, grand! FINALLY! Ms. Ricketts at Vanderbilt, our poster girl last week, well, she got the position of Lab Assistant at the Adult Gastroenterology at Vanderbilt Medical Center. Hoohah! She listened at the Farewell Ceremony!

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