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The results are out. Some bawled, some sashayed on the red carpet....but life goes on. The most important thing is to get some spankingly great grades on your overseas exams and put some equanimity in the process of the applications. I gave out the siren call that registration must be done for all exams taking place in October. Get to it students. Books will arrive on August 28. All orders can be filed then. ADIEU Our interns are all off to school, farewell Zara, Gio, Nicholas and Joshua. You worked your bones off. Whew! We are grateful. Have great semesters young 'uns in Philadelphia, North Dakota, Tennessee and the looks of things, someone has too much beach in Hawaii....fare thee well. SOCIAL MEDIA So we welcome homegrown Daniel who takes over where Zara left off and we suspect will have a fantastic time with us. And we equally with him... To OUR MOTLEY CREW Thanks Jason for always looking out for the Versan brand from as far away as Minnesota. We adore you always for keeping us on our toes. We appreciate it....though I might add, one member of the Motley crew in Tennessee has bitter sibling rivalry with the Clarendonian College man with whom he is battling his superiority complex and 4.0 GPA's......but do look after the young lady I have sent to St. Olaf....a shy one, do not break her out the motley way...but she has Versan blood, she can take it. QUEST UNIVERSITY So we have a student off to one of my favorite Canadian universities. They have invited me to campus. And I so look forward to going to Vancouver....later in the year. RECESSION PROOFING SEMINAR September 18 draweth nigh...count the days down, it is a Friday, so students will be taking off hear about financing a tertiary education... SSAT STUDENTS August is almost over...pray tell the book reports are in place.... See you all next week...

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