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Why are my time coordinates not in sync with public holidays? Why did I have to miss the Fourth of July in America? But of course, to to come assist visa appointments, registration for the summer and a myriad of things. The NY office is underway in refurbishing and its renovations. Happy.....still painting, Mr. Rose? HOME-SCHOOLING We have not had to do home-schooling in some ten years, but I had to dust off my manuals and get cracking, welcome Paul and I suspect we will have a grand ole time..... SUMMER CLASSES Summer classes are underway. Our language camp has begun, SAT, SSAT and GRE are underway.....Need I say how hectic classes are? And the office.... As it goes for interns, there are so many this summer, but kudos to Zara, Geana, Sharon, Dora, Joshua, Nicholas..and did I hear Ariana Kumst is on the way? Even Ms. Russell has her Colleen in Montego Bay. They are a big help. PARENTS MEETING August 19th is the official Parent's Meeting in Kingston and August 20th for Montego Bay. The Kingston meeting will begin at 4 p.m. Ms. Russell in Montego Bay will advise her cohort. Location: See next Wednesday's blog! INSURANCE All are coming right up......Going well, I might add.

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