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I have been told that I pay scant regard to my Montego Bay posse. This is true. There stories go unheralded. I have told Mrs. Russell she must publish their stories more forcibly as I collect the Kingston, Clarendon, Spanish Town and Ocho Rios stories. She has promised that she will. TOP STUDENT FOR MOBAY Ruel Gordon of Herbert Morrison made the top scores this year. Congrats! TOP PARENTS FOR MOBAY These parents were very dutiful in their regard of child's progress through the system. Ms. Johnson and Mrs. Rerrie won those awards. We salute them. It has been a pleasure working with all the parents, but these dominant ladies read the blog every Wednesday, challenge us on every point and remain informed, never unaware, always mentally and physically present. I take my hat off to them. TO OUR MOBAY DIRECTOR Ms. Russell is now pregnant with her third child. She is being understudied by some young interns. She will go on leave as soon as October. We wish her the best. She has run a good ship. We are proud of her. HIGH SCORES-ACT Tiffany Zheng made 36 out of 36. She has now company from Kingston, Hakeem just made 36 out of 36. So Versan has two perfect scores, but guess what? Montego Bay delivered the prize first.. KHAMAL CLAYTON Khamal Clayton, a graduate of Cornwall College and Columbia University, has left his university with high honors and is in Africa doing research. Another proud product of Montego Bay. ASHLI DOUGLAS at FISK UNIVERSITY May I add that the former Head Girl of Montego Bay High School who grows from strength to strength at Fisk is so familiar with her Tennessee territory that another Versan student who has joined the dental program at Meharry Medical has sought her help for an apartment and housing in the area? Such networking amongst Versan students......Yaay.... Montego Bay, you must tell your stories to me and Mrs. Russell. We will not erase your lives again or throw a wet blanket over your stories. We love you here in Kingston. MORE ACCEPTANCES Nasib McDonald - Monteverde Demi Traile St. Olaf Congrats to our SSAT students, one exam down..results not terribly bad...good show, class. SALLIE MAE Folks, the deadline runs out June 30. Hurry up!

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