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I started out this blog wanting to talk about the successful Sunday Farewell event. I wanted to show all the pictures. I wanted to expound on past students Michka Sharp and Elaina Chai who gave wonderful testimonials and led the way for other students to follow. I wanted to gloat about the staisfied faces of students and parents who won their awards. I wanted to toast the top winners of awards. I wanted to regale you with the stories of how parents felt relieved about the topics we covered at this event. But I will reserve this all for Amanda Millington's story. The many facets of Versan's past students. I will glorify the Farewell Ceremony next week. Those who missed it, can come in and get their information during the week and read the presentation online. AMANDA'S STORY Amanda comes from a famil;y of achievers. I dealt with the older siblings who had successfully navigated University of Virginia's undergraduate school for Business Studies, and her other sibling who completed Dartmouth and New York University Law School. Amanda always wondered how would she fare amongst these dynamic kinfolk? She said when I saw her last Saturday that she was the right brained child, the creative artist. I chose to visit the Edna Manley School of Art last week. I watched the fashion show. There were a few items that promised much for these designers. But the greatest surprise was left for last. I was snapped on Instagram and posted to Amanda's current boyfriend. He is a past Versan student. He promptly told her, "that is indeed, Ms. Bramwell." I recognized Amanda on sight. Amanda told me what had transpired in the many years I had not seen her. Amanda had attended Boarding School in New York and had done well. She had gained admission to Ithaca University. She had not fared well with the weather, the college culture and decided to drop out. She found her true calling, Art. She returned to Jamaica and enrolled at Edna Manley. Her work stood out as one of the finest in Graphics. She has recently designed the Tessanne Chin hair salon Blow by Blow. She does the graphics for many paid parties and carnival events. My past student now has retainers that she is forced to charge. Moral of this lesson: Follow your heart. The dollars will follow. Congratulations, Amanda! Do see her below in her Final Year project of a fruit bar that she designed from top to bottom. Oooh, I was proud. ACCEPTANCES Joanna James Boston University Shanice Rerrie Montana State University Jasmine Lee The Brook Hill School Alice Choi Luther High School Bishop's College High D'Armani Nicholson Bishop's College High SSAT STUDENTS Good luck this Saturday on your test. Read the instructions on tickets and take all items with you. More next week on the Farewell Ceremony. Travel well, Jodie to South Africa and Australia. We wish you well. Bon Voyage!

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