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It is that time of year again. In the midst of the CAPE and CSEC exams, that we at Versan are processing visa appointments, doing insurance coverage forms, getting our Farewell Ceremony in order for the fantabulous event, this Sunday at 4 p.m. There are students who are still not sure they should attend because they are still waiting....waiting or not....this event is once per year, so even if you leave in January or August, this is your event to claim the information and to have those notebooks in tow for the information of a lifetime. I am still getting queries on dress code. Simply put, jeans and a nice top/shirt. Why has this proven to be so difficult? C'mon guys..... AMENDMENT Jerome Morris does not have a 3.98 but actually a 4.0!!!!!! at Fisk University. Take that Rodayne! ACCEPTANCES Brandon Burke - Osgood Law School University of British Col Damoya Lindo Johnson and Wales University of West London Sharon Chai St. Margaret's INSURANCE POLICIES Students who are using the insurance we are providing must know that the annual premium is US$900, with coverage for 365 days while overseas. We will name full name and date of birth to launch the paperwork. CONGRATULATIONS I wish to congratulate Christine Lee Fatt for making the Texas Youth Symphony Orchestra. To Rebecca Hugh who made it through St. Margaret's....she will take a Gap Year (yaay!) to weigh her options and get the school of her dreams.... Sometimes this is the best option but many stigmatise this method, do not do it! The race is not for the swift but the one who completes steadily.... Is that Jerome pontificating in my office about Rodayne's demise in popularity at Fisk? See you all on Sunday for the Farewell Ceremony of a lifetime! Oh, and Happy Birthday Ms. Martin (May 3rd!)

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