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I know. I know. Who forgot to write the Wednesday blog....but guess what? All for a good reason. So many of my overseas students trickled into the office: Phillip Pryce (kid with the tiger) graduated University of Notre Dame and has a job! Adam Simpson at Carnegie Mellon (3.75 GPA) Jerome at Fisk University (3.98 GPA) Gio Hui (Most Improved Boarding School Student at St. Andrew's Sewanee) You know me, chatting right along till the wee hours of the morning and forgetting I had a blog to write for my adorable fans. CUSHING ACADEMY Go Joanna, your two years at Cushing are over and there were the other Jamaicans to cheer you proud to see the Versan force there to ferret you away on your college journey. Go on and rule the world! THE DOUBTING THOMASES I am always amused when after several Parent's Meetings, Financial Symposia, countless consultation sessions, Farewell ceremonies, many are still lost in translation or communication. Here is the gist of the conversation: Parent: I thought after you had prepared my son and he was accepted, your job was over, Ms. Bramwell. Ms. Bramwell: Huh? What are you talking about? There are negotiations with schools, wrapping up of the financial aid balance and discussions on how to pay, visa preparation, the Farewell Ceremony and then......whew...only then do I say Bon Voyage.....and even after that, the student must still stay in touch for further information, further tit for tat, as other students will be ahead or behind. They form the chain of information, fed through blogs, emails, visits, presentations.......the child is always a Versan baby and parents are always Versan parents. Parent: Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa. NEPHEW It is good to see my nephew Micah getting stronger daily. Riding his trike. Good going kiddo! JUNE 7th's event-The Farewell Ceremony Norma Brown Bell, our Master of Ceremonies has received her agenda. Students' awards have been nominated for each category. Screens, mikes, Dee-Jay are all in, Farewell is looking exciting....remember "Boho Chic"..... CLOSING OFF OF ACCOUNTS Close off your accounts, thanks. SUMMER PROGRAM At Liberty Academy, this summer, there are classes in Italian, German, Spanish, French and Mandarin. Starting the 1st week of July, taking place at Liberty Academy from 9-12, Monday through Thursday. For each language, it is $15000 weekly. INSURANCE FORMS We should write you guys up for this no later than Monday and erase these awful insurance fees we see on Acceptance letters.. See you next week.

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