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Who would have thought? We have a student in Nepal, who survived the earthquake, not once, but twice....You go, Pooja. We are so happy to know you were not hurt and you are still alive. We await your decisions for graduate study. Thanks for letting us know that all is well. In Malaysia, our Burmese student is about to graduate from Sacred Heart University, so proud of her, too..... June 7th Farewell Ceremony The preparations are in place. UWI Mona Visitor's Lodge, 4 p.m., jeans and a nice top, notebooks, pens, pencils, The Gold Room.....See you all there. HURRAH TO Zara Our Zara who heads to Swarthmore College just scored a huge humanitarian award at her school. She will join us this summer for work. We look forward to having her with us and listening to all the hot tunes from her Belgian rapper.... ACCEPTANCES Norian Watson Columbia Law School Wilton McVoitte McGill University Sangeeta Mohansingh Florida A&M College Richard Goulbourne - Bryant University Jevaughn Squire Ryerson Kene Powell Oregon State Chantal Toyloy Regis College Maya Ricketts Colby College Boarding School Amanda Taylor The Master's School Bijee Small Episcopal Mercersburg George School Last week I mentioned Chad Hucey at WPI. His creation was a "High Energy Density Micro-Lithium Ion Battery." Versan kids in the house...... The SAT registration for the June exam has passed - May 8th. Please do the standby registration now, all ye late comers.... See you all next week, no fires in hotel, we hope....

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