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A casual visit to University of Miami on my return from Poland, confirmed a few things about this year's Jamaican applicants. We have to desist from social media for a while and simply start reading more widely. Many students peaked at a 1800-1900 score. While I traversed the excited and breathless newly accepted students for Fall 2015, the average SAT score amongst them was 2200. Jamaican students, please heed the clarion call. We must rise to the challenge for next year. The Americans have "whupped" us standing. And smiling. So to the waitlist for a few of you. Do not despair. If wait-listed, do come in and ask what to do. There is an action list to follow away! By email... ACCEPTANCES Bryant University Richard Goulbourne Paula-Leone Samuda Nicholas Haughton Bentley University Paula Leone Samuda Ithaca University Paula Leone Samuda Williams College Zara Williams-Nicholas Bryn Mawr College Zara Williams-Nicholas Seton Hall University Nicholas Haughton Andrew Johnson Mount Holyoke Maya Ricketts Boston University Maya Ricketts Univ. of Virginia Maya Ricketts Centennial College Dora Lai University of S. Flor. Dora Lai Humber College Dora Lai University of Miami Kelly Campbell Tiffany Ellis WPI Tiffany Ellis Jonathan Bair Purdue Tiffany Ellis Santa Clara Tiffany Ellis College of Wooster Tiffany Ellis Siddhant Grover Rochester Inst of Technol Tiffany Ellis Fordham Tiffany Ellis Miami College (OH) Tiffany Ellis SUMMER SCHOOL ACCEPTANCES Brandon Barnes - WPI BOARDING SCHOOL Emily Cai - St. Anne's Belfield SERENDIPITY What are the chances that random Versan studnets who are heading back from Spring Break run into each other in the infamous Miami airport......not one in a million, but too often....have a great end of year, Janice and Joshua! See you next week. Plan B, folks, Plan B!!!!!

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