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So Digicel will not follow me to Warsaw, Poland. So while I am there negotiating for colleges and universities across Hungary, Germany, Poland, Russia and the Scandinavian countries, please use the social medium of email to get to me. For the uninitiated, that is I should be back in office on Tuesday. I ask all and sundry to send me their college decisions and graduate school decisions. BOARDING SCHOOL STUDENTS OVERSEAS So happy that I have this great relationship with my boarding school students. I got the scare of my life when Chris Rowe emailed me from Hawaii to tell me about the great things he is doing. I am delighted that Hakeem at Choate Rosemary pulled off a 2240 all by his lonesome self, but let us not forget, he had a 99% on his SSAT ......looking good for college acceptances next year. You go boys....The Chen twins, Gabrielle and Sarita are also here. Though somewhat lost, they are back on track with their college planning process. I am thrilled that I am seeing my young, brilliant kids one more time.....before summer for the drill. Lovely stop off on their Easter break. And again to the list everyone is waiting for...... THE ACCEPTANCES Jordan Lawe Rollins Quinnipiac Univ. of Tampa Clark Jevaughn Squire Univ of Manitoba Toni-Ann Cornwal Ithaca University Annaliese McClure Univ of S. Florida Bryant Northeastern Lindsey Tracy Morgan State Nicholas Haughton Bryant Kimberly Dixon Florida Southern Ashlie Parchment Univ of Alabama Dominique Chen Cornell Steven Young Howard University Rochester Inst of Tech Gonzaga Boarding Schools Alexa Sinclair Cushing Academy St. Anne's-Belfield COLLEGE TOURS For students applying next year who wish to visit college campuses, please visit Trevor Sturgeon's TS College Tours of Northeast Campuses, West Coast campuses as well as Art School tours.

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