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After a restful Ash wednesday where the entire Jamaica spends its day reminiscing on the start of the 40 days, 40 nights of Christ's woeful journey, I harken and hasten to say that there was a terrible accident on Stony Hill road on my return home. I do hope it was not serious but the backlog of traffic was immensely grave. RESULTS ARE IN! The SSAT and SAT results are in. All I ask for is a dose of reality. If the score was above board, we can glamorize our top schools, if not, we must stick our feet firmly into the ground and look at a new list of schools, before it is too late. MORE ACCEPTANCES Demi Traile - Western University Ruben Mair - St Thomas University Arcadia University Najee Edwards - St. Leo's University Russell Spence - Florida Atlantic University Fiona Choi - University of Edinburgh Roberta Batista Howard University Quest University Univ. of Alberta Patrina Gayle St. Leo Dora Lai Centennial College Roshni Chuganey Fairleigh Dickinson University IDOC FORMS FROM COLLEGEBOARD I am happy to see folks coming in for the IDOC forms. Great! SWEET SIXTEEN So our SSAT precocious Rascal #2, Melissa Cai had her birthday party last Sunday, February 15th. I was Mistress of Ceremonies and had a blast watching a little girl who was used to prancing in front of my old office door from age 5 see her blossom now into a 16 year old and I am to be responsible for sending her off to boarding school....oh I share the photos of a great evening spent at Splendid China restaurant off Constant Spring Road... I was proud of the Tea Pouring Ceremony I initiated at the party (due respect for the elders) well as her father opening the dance floor with her ......Smile, she also shared her Head Table with female friends (woman power!) and oh, such a delightful event...of course the SSAT scores are out Melissa, back to reality! PARTNERSHIPS Last week we mentioned Hydel, now this week, we mention Manchester High School. We are fully booked. We will launch Hydel next week Wednesday at devotion, 8 a.m. If I have forgotten anything, it will be mentioned next week.

Head table_edited.jpg
Melissa in full regalia_edited.jpg
The Cake_edited.jpg

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