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On my return from London, I was overwhelmed by the good news of a law school acceptance. Norian Watson, a past, past student of Versan, had gained admission and scholarship to Stanford University. She received her degree last summer and decided to do her LSAT preparation with us this past summer. She scored well and has gained her first acceptance letter to Vanderbilt Law School. A good start, let us await the rest.... Another acceptance was Sabria Hector who got into University of South Florida, St. Petersburg. Congrats. IDOC Notification of IDOC forms are coming in. So folks, please set your appointments to complete only takes a short while. EMAIL MESSAGES Glad to get the messages that rankle your poor souls. Good to see that you all ask and not rush to making lame decisions. SCHOOLS IN LONDON By now, my boarding school students have received a listing of schools from this trip. I will make special mention of several that piqued my interest when we meet. It is amazing that after 20 years, more schools keep popping up not found on my usual radar. I am pleased and so will the Versan families be. From Canada to England, the new schools rear their heads for recognition. We will recognize them and place the Jamaican flag on their heads. Smile. SCHOOL'S CHALLENGE QUIZ Congrats St. George's and Wolmer's Girls....good effort. CLASSES Classes are in full session with SAT's on Mondays and Saturdays (4-6) and (10-12) respectively. GRE and GMAT on Wednesdays (6-8). SSAT on Saturdays (1-3). THE SPANISH TOWN CONNECTION Versan has forged a partnership with several schools in the Spanish Town area and will convene classes by February 24th at the Hydel complex. So in retiring, I leave pictures of hard work in London at the fair as well as the sole Scottish bagpipe man who won a London Award for Best Street musician.

scottish man in London_edited.jpg

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