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Hmmmmm....... So I have seen a whopper humdinger of a scholarship sent to one of my SSAT students off to St. George's in British Columbia, Canada. Can we top $59000? Why yes we can, we had a young lady attend Yale University who paid $0. But hey, Joshua, congrats! ACCEPTANCES St. George's College - Joshua Hugh Joel Angus Messiah College - Sharon Quamber Barry University - Husani Hogg Eckerd University - Kimberly Dixon Hartwick College - Kimberly Dixon Rochester Institute - Romario Williams FIT FIU Howard NJIT USF - Ashlie Parchment Impending Visits Rothesay Netherwood a great boarding school in Canada will be visiting our Montego Bay and Kingston branches. Be on the look out. St. Mary's University will also be visiting and we are grateful for their fifth year visiting our students. Watch the blogs for the dates.I know February 24th is the date for St. Mary's, but I will confirm Rothesay Netherwood's date as soon as it is confirmed. TRAVEL DATES So I will be out of office from February 5-14th. I am off to London and India (long overdue - my poor students...missed you too and my spicy curries)....but I will be away when the SAT results come please email me so I can consult via email about "the next steps".... The picture featured this week is our dear student at University of North Dakota who is pursuing a major in Aviation. He is showing us his virgin night flight and how icy the runway is....Good luck, Nicholas. I am glad you are making someone at FIT jealous! Justin? There is an echo here...... Also, congrats, Joshua. You won all your wrestling matches this past weekend, but whoa, watch the violin hand! SAT EXAM Thrilled to see so many relaxed. I hope the results reflect all the hard hours studying and getting it all right. We will see. See you next the start of all new classes and newbies to this blog.


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