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AS Joshua sends me pictures of smog daubed all over the St. Andrew's-Sewanee campus in Tennessee, I realize nothing beats our dear Nicholas Foo at the University of North Dakota (former Ardenne student) who sends me pictures of snow piles and arctic freezes below -21.....and I wonder where have I sent these kids? Smile. But the best part of the New Year is seeing all and sundry get their kicks by being happy to return to their new homes, their campuses. I loved hearing all the stories from their boarding school and college lives....the interconnectedness they bring to the office, warming up the hearts of the parents in the lobby, with all the juicy details of what will happen to their children the following year. I do miss the craziness of December with the mail....Need I add that it was 200 lbs. of mail...all were sent off before Dec 28. And should a school contact you and say bits are missing, put your foot down and say please see where it may have been misplaced the item? We got them all there on time. ACCEPTANCES Kudos to- Jonathan Bair - Illinois Institute of Technology Janique Simpson - St. Mary's University Raiza Mair - Memorial University (Canada) Sharon Quamber - Messiah College, Purdue, FIU Shavon Shirley - Averett University and congrats to Mr. Williams in Montego Bay who secured University of North Dakota and FIT. You all amaze me as we roll out over the next few weeks, the acceptances. VISAS OBTAINED Congrats to Ryan Rose and Amoy Edgar, successful in securing their visas this week and off they go!!!! CLASS SCHEDULES FOR THE TECHNOCRATS OF SAT -JANUARY 24! Wednesdays 4-6, Saturdays 10-12 and Sunday 3-5 until your exam. OK. CLASS SCHEDULE for SAT We start first week of February. Come in and register now, not the rollovers, please! That goes for SSAT, SAT, GRE and GMAT. ILLNESSES So after slogging through Chik V, we now have the Trojan Horse of heavy chest colds, phlegm and wracking coughs...please protect yourselves.....the SAT exam is a few days away. RAVE REVIEWS So one student who just took off and went to college overseas, Raiza Mair, has reported back to say, Memorial University in Newfoundland is the bomb, affordable and she encourages all future doctors to give it a shot....Anyone seen the movie "Shipping News?" will get a pictorial view of the area...Great school and medical facility. TARDINESS OF THE BLOG Well, the New Year started with a bang, busy office, hospital visits for loved ones and a general sense that more rest was needed, but the blog is back, right Calvin? Lamar, I have not forgotten you, just bloody busy!

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