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As I reminisce on the year's event, we must think of love, forgiveness, humility, essentially be a sweet angel. Bah humbug, I cannot be....when I look at the pile of mail accruing in the office. I should have taken a picture, but do see our Facebook, and note the pile en route to New York...the 22nd of December....Ho, ho, ho Santa! Then there is the mighty furor over Early Decisions, wait dear people.....we are poor Jamaicans, Regular Decision is our thing...we await the aid, the reason we are at Versan...but we congratulate all those wh made the early decisions...and wish them happiness with their choices. A little tweet told me that our George who made 2390 in June 2014 on the SAT made it to Brown University. Another tweet told me that our Nereese Watson made it to Tulane. She is attending Milton Academy in New York. Her sister, Norian, a recent graduate of Stanford , has made a fabulous improvement on her LSAT score and we applaud her. We also hail Jonathan Bair who made it to Purdue. A great Engineering school. Rochelle Graham- St. Leo's College, Amoy Edgar, our first boarding school admission for January to freezing Washington Academy in Maine. And dear Anushree Gopal at the American School of Kingston who made Rutgers University. Might I add that largely, the kudos go to the students and parents who listened and facilitated. We are mere guides at Versan and do not trumpet your successes willy nilly. We know the blood, sweat, tears and money that went in this process. I hail Jean Munroe-Martin, a parent, who drive me so beautifully back from Mobay to Runaway Bay after consultations at 1 a.m. in the morning. I bow and scrape at your hospitality and kindness. To Najee Edward's mom who is a fantastic mother, leaving no stone unturned in her daughter's applications...amazing in this venture, we salute you....and are humbled by the experience. Ms. Russell, how did you do it all, those packages? Amazing! You deserve more than a mere Christmas bonus, God Bless! Hey, Shamique, to your mom, a devoted blog reader, thanks for your packages, too! Richelle, all your help, we could not do it without you. Ms. Martin, welcome back, so happy to have you. You truly belong at Versan, what were we thinking, huh? To our webmaster, John, thanks for a great year and promotion....Merry Christmas! Buone Natale Joyeux Noel Feliz Navidad and I could go in all my languages, but I guess by now, you realize that I have lost my grinch status and am all gushy-mushy by now. When next I write this blog, I will be in cold New York, delivering all my great students' packages...and in the Versan tradition....good things come to those who wait.... Same time, next week.

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