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Sunday saw a record number of students show up for "extra classes"…how those words irk me…Extra classes are lessons to unravel those ill-begotten themes, theses, problems… Though the marathon six hours brought out tips, tricks and slick maneuvers for the exam on December 6, though we had expectant faces, say "Oh, I finally get it…" I was more alarmed that many students had not been practicing enough beforehand, had failed to read an array of magazines or books, had paltry vocabulary lists, had taken these last twelve weeks as just a measure to be physically present without the endearing Versan quality of taking matters into one's own hands and carrying out self-discipline daily. The motto for Versan is "A student's initiative paves the path to success." Those who heeded the sagacious words will soar on Saturday morning. Those who did not, I will pray for you this Saturday, you will need it. Do remember these things for Saturday: Picture ID Ticket Arrival at test Center by 7:45 a.m. #2 Pencils Good eraser Calculator No cell-phones Gatorade, Pepsi?, Cold Coffee Avoid red meat, dairy products and fried foods (makes you sleepy Exercise No chatting whilst in the exam room Use your breaks to revive yourselves for the gruelling papers 2-7. See those of you taking it at Priory. I will be there to lend my prayers and support. Sign of the cross? APPLICATIONS Students, school is about to break shortly for Xmas. While we get ready for the festivities, we must remember that applications must go in and meet our mailbags by December 15. Financial Aid forms, essays, applications…etc…I see you are all moving at a good pace. I love it! MINERVA PROJECT So here comes Dr. Cobo from Brazil, a representative of the Minerva project - a great and novel undergraduate degree that even the Canadians are rushing to the United States to do…all for a great price of 24000 annually. Who can beat that price tag? Do your research as good Versan parents and students. A deal not to be missed. CANADIAN SCHOOLS The latest McClean report on Canadian school rankings are now in…there are a few surprises and additions. Come in and review at your convenience. APPOINTMENTS There are fewer and fewer spots available. When is a good time to come in or send your parents…in the mornings…or just come and hang around. Until I am free or there is a cancelled appointment. FROM MY SUMMER INTERNS I was grateful and give thanks at Thanksgiving for the return of Joshua who set some relief in an otherwise hectic office. I thank Zara for her quirky Facebook comments. I am still awaiting Arianne's visit to my office. I get brrr! wintry hellos from University of North Dakota's aviation program, who else, Nicholas Foo… Thanks guys…you make my day.

Information on Minerva Schools:

a) The Atlantic's extensive look at how Minerva is reforming higher education:

b) A list of our merit scholarships, recently launched:

c) Upcoming live webinars, hosted by Minerva representatives, admissions officers and Founding Class students:

d) Video of our Founding Class, its members and the Minerva Experience:

e) 2.5 min. NBC coverage about Minerva:

Download details here:

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