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As I look at the blustery cold weather in Canada and know I must face a few parents there, schools and a Wolmer's alum meeting, I wonder about all the sacrifices I make for students....Brrrr! Did they say five feet of snow? Ouch! But this week, I feel like a grandmother when I saw one of my past students Alexandra Yap become Mrs. Alexandra Peterson and most importantly know that I was instrumental in getting her to Belmont Abbey College where she met her present husband. Yippee! I also felt the years of practice weign in when I looked at the dashing young men who walked their mother, Carolyn, down the aisle - Joshua and Zachary and also know that Zachary had made St. Andrew's in Delaware boarding school, then University of Rochester ...while Joshua is now attending University of the South and had previously attended St. Andrew's-Sewanee where we currently have my nephew Joshua and Giovanni. Versan is proud, grandmotherly proud! So after a weird week, which seems to be tapering down to goodness now, not weirdness, I can safely say, the wedding was a feather in my cap and a day of relaxation from the office. THE ACCESS CODES Everyone has a few weeks to go before the exams. And our individual access codes are now ready for each student, free of cost. Get your slip from your office administrator and start working on all those questions we prepared. Great practice! Mobay, yours should arrive tomorrow afternoon for Sunday's class. APPLICATION SCHEDULE I see all and sundry fine-tuning their apps and putting all in place. I am proud of you all. I know, I know, I know, I have several recommendations to get ready. Last week's blog was long, not this week's...see you next week, with a long one!

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