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Lafayette College drifted into town to a packed audience in Room 1. Standing room only. I believe many of the students were amazed, gathered their information and are resolute about applying. It is a great school and we are grateful that they made it to Jamaica to see our Versan students four years in a row. MIDTERM GRADES FROM MY BOARDING SCHOOL STUDENTS OVERSEAS So the grades are in. Most of you did phenomenally well....a few pulled in B's and C's. Get your act on the road, please. BOOKS, BOOKS, BOOKS So we realise that everyone is going for the final exam in December and January. We realise they are hunting for practise materials. So this Friday, we will have new SAT books, SAT II Biology, Maths, Chemistry, and some dictionaries and SSAT books. All available on Friday. MORE PRACTISE OUTLETS The Edufocal/Versan online program is ready. The way to access it is speak with Jodi Robertson, get your online information and start attacking the practise questions in Maths, Writing, Sentence Completion and Reading exercises. We have a few weeks before the exam, so get your online information in place. THE UNIVERSITY OF WATERLOO MATHS COMPETITION So you are good at Maths? Come see us for the Math tests that you can do to get a scholarship and space at the great University of Waterloo in Canada. We have the poster on the wall and you can search, research and look at the different tests, select and have us order it for you to sit in our office. SAT EXAM ON SATURDAY Mock exam is on Friday, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. OK? And those sitting the exam in December, your deadline to register is tomorrow, November 6. Paper based forms are available at the front desks in Kingston and the Mobay offices.

The pictures this week showcase our boarding school representatives (The White Mountain School and Hawaii Prep) in St. Lucia with boys of the famous St. Mary's College.


Also, we showcase my dear sixth formers of St. George's College and .....I will leave you to guess the rest. APPLICATIONS I am happy to see that Sunday appointments are open and I am getting through the backlog of missed or late appointments. Have a great week, read something worthwhile, do not believe everything you hear, read between the lines, stay abreast of the news...and read, read!

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