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So, smile, we recorded a number of 11 out of 12 essays. True to form students! Our highest score for October goes to Zara Nicholas-Williams who recorded 2240 and essay score of 11. Congrats to those attempting it for the first time who landed 1900's and 11's out of 12. Good going. Some are repeating for lack of studying much and so have rebounded to classes and are reregistering before it is too late (Nov 6 deadline for the December exam.) For those returning, I say choose Tuesday 4-6 or Thursday 4-6 or Sat 10-12 to slot yourselves back in....Monday and Wednesday and Saturdays 4-6 are just too full and can take no more! Ironically, all my heavy travel schedules are minimized as I now have to focus on the month of November to complete applications and teach all remaining English classes for the finishing touches. Mock exam for those sitting the November exam....we will schedule it for Friday 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. So let us know who is sitting so we can prepare adequate copies. But congrats for all who got through the first exam and now know how to bolster the weak areas. ONLINE VERSAN WORK So Edufocal is ready. Extra work is ready. Come in and sign up for your username and password, let the gaming begin! The online program is here to help you all get through the study preparations. You asked for it, it is now here. Next week I will post names of those who had a spectacular performance first time out on the October exam. SUNDAYS Someone has put me in overdrive and I see clearly where my Sundays are prepossessed with appointments. I also noticed that I am going home at 9 p.m. nightly. I guess this is what being out of office for a week does .....back up appointments. TO OUR HEADBOYS We have the Head Boy of St. George's, Calvin Wright, who made out sojourn to STGC a great affair, thanks. And to our Head Boy of Glenmuir, great attempt at your first SAT exam...brilliant outcome. TO OUR ST ANDREW'S GIRLS Did you see our St. Andrew's girls and their great Volunteer projectin the inner-city, this week's YOUTHLINK, do check them out. So proud of Jhodi Webster, Gracia Simmonds and company...They are not leaving until 2016 and yet they have their resumes abuilding....touche! OUR PAST STUDENTS So it appears I have many weddings to attend for my past students....there is Yap on November 15th...there is Anikia Tucker, or better yet...Dr. Tucker on February 26th and Shoucair on the February 27th. Most importantly, is that Anikia was my first girl into MIT, later secured a full medical school scholarship to Duke University, recently graduated as a gynaecologist and is on her way to marrying a cardiologist....way to go my dear past student! Who said jamaicans cannot earn medical school scholarships? Might I add she was featured on ABC11 online where her medical team saved a "Local Baby Battling Enterovirus" past student saved that baby......of course, the press reports it as medical team saving the baby's life...(see, she is still on residency so one has to refer to the team, not her individual effort. To our former Immaculate student, Congrats!) We have debunked that myth! On to another alum featured in the blog previously, Hakeem Angulu at Choate Rosemary. Well, Hakeem learnt the concept of "Nuffness" and secured his AP classes in AP Physics B, AP Chemistry, Honors Spanish Literature. He also is a member of the Debate team, a writer for The News, the school's newspaper, Festival Chorus, Boys' Water Polo, Junior Goalie, Diversity Day Leader, Model UN, C Procters, Choate AfroLatino Support Alliance.....well need I say more, with a straight A profile on midterm, Hakeem, make Jamaica, Mom, Me and Versan proud. You are well on your way and your photo is featured today.

THE VERSAN CARIBBEAN BOARDING SCHOOL FAIR What a success. Our students got over the initial fear of interviewing with schools who made their way from as far as Hawaii to the Western tip of Canada, Vancouver. Might I add you all did splendiferously. The boys looked dapper, the girls charmingly sweet. You all came and conquered. I was proud of you all. Amazing. The schools equally were impressed. Job well done to the SSAT students. Now on to the applications, transcript being sent, recommendations and financial aid forms to complete. Let's go guys! On to the next round of fairs. THE AMHERST, SWARTHMORE and COLGATE FAIRS So I heard Versan's name was dropped in the crowd by Amherst who proudly told the audience he knew us well and that Versan had 4 students there on full scholarships...even when I am not present...go figure.....Roll out Versan in pride! CONGRATULATIONS To Our Abigail Cameron for placing First in Maths for the Caribbean CSEC Awards. Fabulosity! We have some winners....... And to all our other students who placed....hey, I am blushing for you....

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