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So I got bit. Of all places, in St. Lucia, far away from supportive friends and family. But I fought like a trooper and am up doing the Wednesday blog. Can you imagine? I bailed out on the schools present. Hawaii Prep, St. George's and The White Mountain School. I was so weak, with joint pains on my shoulders, ankles and back. There was no fever nor rash. Thank God, I listened to all my students. Drink coconut water, take vitamin C, rest, drink fluids. I did all that and woke up refreshed. To my SSAT students awaiting the Boarding school Fair, St. Mary's College in St. Lucia has set the pace. They asked poignant questions, gave the interviewers a tour of their school. But I was so ill, I forgot to take pictures of the pandemonium unleashed on the school reps. WESTERN UNIVERSITY I heard some 20 students showed up for this university. I am happy Ms. Ford was enthused with our students and their questions. Lafayette University is gearing up for us. And as they inform, stay tuned to this page for the updates. As I reflect on being miles away from home, self- healing to take my flight home, I give thanks to God for the cross made for us by Moncrieffe's, on show in my office. That despite all travails that come across our way, God reigns supreme. Thanks to the Thakuranis for my diwalian gift from my favorite chef. Go Yashika, I hear you are quite settled now...good.

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