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The Versan Boarding School Fair 2014

Yes, I know it has been a while. First, I had to get a lot of the students ready for SAT this past Saturday, destress from a successful Symposium, oversee classes, travel to great schools like St. Anne's-Belfield in Virginia, organize the enrollment process, do the Parent's Meeting and this Sunday the Student's meeting, consult with a million and one students....aargh! But I am back, and ready to roll... MONTEGO BAY STUDENTS I am impressed with your sedulousness. Your applications are on point, your ability to organize your study hours and review your schools, impressive and you all have me counselling till midnight in Mobay. Folks, I must get some rest. Love you all. Good show, Ms. Russell. But their diaries are on back order, so I urge all students to get one from a sttionery store so we can be organized little beings for December send-off of applications. THE BOARDING SCHOOL FAIR I leave for St. Lucia on Monday. I We have a big day at St. Mary's College in the auditorium. We will have St. Mary's College students, St. Joseph's, Leon Hess Comprehensive and Castries Comprehensive...nice. Four formidable schools. The STAR newspaper has given us free press. We are on the ball in St. Lucia. Students from Dominica will fly in to greet the schools. We pray for safe delivery of all our participants. I arrive in Kingston on Friday for the Kingston leg of the fair at The Blue Room, UWI Mona Visitor's Lodge. October 25. Mobay students are you ready for them on the 26th at Hilton Rose Hall? 1-4 p.m.? My sister Jean Bramwell is always in charge as I remain in office for consultations. Another boarding school year....FAIR! SAT EXAMS So last Saturday, I saw the first summer batch take the SAT exam. They appeared nervous but the refrain I got was we will not speak about it, until the results come out. It appeared easier than your Mock exam, Ms. in ten days when the results are posted, we will see. All others are have met the deadline for the November exam. Those doing the December exam should hurry up and get their registration completed. The same goes for my SSAT, GRE, LSAT, are certainly not off the hook. SCHOOL VISITS This past week I visited Camperdown, St. Andrew's High, Holy Childhood, Tivoli High....met with rapt audiences, welcoming arms......and one of my favorite schools of all, St. George's College. But boys, you were not to leave the auditorium after I spoke, there were other speakers, you know....for VISIT TO ST ANNE'S BELFIELD SCHOOL So off I went to Virginia last week to see this fabulous school, totally unheard of before. Might I add, they have never had a Jamaican student attend before. This is a lovely campus sited strategically beside the University of Virginia. The students were bubbly, smart and articulate. Classes were organized in a very deliberate manner for learning. I whisper about this because I want to introduce this methodology to the Minister of Education....We need this system in Jamaica. So St. Anne's-Belfield gets two thumbs up! They will be attending our October 25th fair, we are is a bonus. We will definitely have Jamaican there for the first time next year. Sorry, I did not get to St. Margaret's to see my favorite student...but next time. It was raining cats and dogs, Ms. Hugh! COLLEGE VISITS October 21st: Western University (Canada) 6 p.m. at Versan's office October 22: Hillel Academy 3 p.m. to 6:30-College Fair See Univ of British Columbia, Univ of Chicago, Vanderbilt, WPI, Univ of South Florida, Bentley, MIT. October 26th -Terra Nova Hotel, Amherst, Wesleyan and Swarthmore. 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. November 19-20: Boarding Schools Visiting for Interviews: Cushing and Deerfield. TO OUR BOARDING SCHOOL STUDENTS OVERSEAS Thanks for all your notes of adjustment and grades. I see most of you are faring quite well. Good. To Yashika's mom, so busy, but registered the call in my head and will are her grades? Midterm that is? and my favorite chef in Ocho Rios.....Yum! I will now thank Brittany Cameron, Christine Lee Fatt, Iyana Channer-Newman, Chris Rowe (hope he is behaving?!)...Janice Wang has had an enviable track record. Hakeem, I hear you are living it up on it! But pull in the grades....

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