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Last minute Strategies for Upcoming Exams

So the time draweth nigh....... What to do in a matter of ten days? Swot? Read? Practice of past papers? What about timing? Where is the clock? Do we focus on just our strong areas, eliminating the weak areas? Well? Let us start with the Khan Academy that forged a relationship with the Collegeboard? Their services are free and the app can assist with those gnawing questions you cannot resolve in any of the sectors found on your exams. It is important to have 2-3 practice books, to practice with timer in tow to check one's speed. Get rid of all distractions. Take the day or a few days off from school to practice... Focus on all areas... See you all at my mock groups...October 5th and 10th. LAST WEEK'S PIC That was our Iyanda Channer Newman in her uniform at Purnell School in New Jersey. She is acing her classes and doing well. Also, we have pictures of Christine Lee Fatt entering her boarding school in Texas, The Hockaday School. In Hawaii, there appears to be a storm in a teacup, but hope all will be well soon. In Tennessee, we hear about a few it, buddy! And the video is now in from the those who missed it, we will have the copy....

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