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Missed Last Week's WEDNESDAY Blog

So I was busy with enrollment for the new semester but it did not escape me that several many changes are going on and affecting our students. For example, GRE has now moved to UWI and is now computer based. So we at Versan will start a petition to have this changed.

Back to the paper based GRE Test! How audacious...and at Priory, I might add.

Then there is the notion of no more paper forms for the kids who are Seventh Day Adventist doing SAT. So how will they register? And by the way,tomorrow is the early registration we must hurry folks to get registered.

And we welcome back the SSAT on Saturdays, the new crop of students I was so busy recruiting and we are ecstatic about all these 1's in CAPE and CSEC. Congrats to all those we are working with, who ranked in the country and did so phenomenally well...


On a sad note, I must say farewell to one of Wolmer's illustrious bright sparks, Alric Davis who did the Spanish dance with me, won tennis tournaments and the School's Challenge Quiz in his time. Farewell, Alric, you are missed.


We celebrate our new driver, Aldaine Daye. He appears competent and is rolling with our office punches quite nicely. Jodi Robertson has graced our halls, her brother Nicholas worked wit us years ago, he now has his MBA and is appearing headed to Seattle soon...won't reveal too much now.


Julia Foote sent us lovely pictures of Pomona, standing at the gate with Mom and Dad.

Joshua visited the offices of CNN with the St. Andrew's-Sewanee team of students...our smiling token black-ok, Josh? Grades, I say!!!


This is the last month before the exam.....start studying, for real!

And to all those who are bawling down the place on leaving their young charges, get home and learn to handle the empty not call too often, they will be fine. Keep sending me pictures to post on the blog, we love them all.

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