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The Off to School Wednesday Blog

So I took a day off last week because I was officially on vacation. In Portland, Oregon ­ not only for the infamous Cannon Beach, the great bookstore ­ Powell’s the fame of the Voodoo doughnuts, the great schools of Reed, Lewis and Clark and Oregon State (recently acquired interest) ­ the lovely weather, the great GARMIN GPS that took me everywhere­ but most importantly my omniscient Richelle Newby, propped up on pillows in some remote town town of Connecticut declares openly and aggressively (smile), “Where was last weeks blog, Ms. Bramwell!?”

C’mon Richelle ­ I get to take one week, give the blog one week, it is an extra appendage.

It rests, when I rest.

So for my avid readers, here are some great photos of the lush and laid­back Portlandia. Well ­ needed vacay and back in the daily slog!

photo 2.JPG
photo 1.JPG
photo 5.JPG
photo 4.JPG
photo 3.JPG

Happy to See! (Pharrell's theme running)

Delroy Watson visited me from Tuskegee University. He is fine, now appreciates warm weather and loves Southern cuisine, No trying out for the NFL anytime soon.

Great that Kirkland Houston received his Canadian visa and is off to Humber College. The Big smile enveloped us all as he entered the office ­ we knew he had been successful!

Joshua has had a well ­ deserved work out at Giscombe’s Gym and now heads back to


Happy, so happy that Justin had an Independence Day Birthday ! Happy Belated...

Thanks to Zara for still assisting in the Social Media arena!

To Edufocal for pushing us to complete our online courses ­ soon to unravel and unleash in September.

To all those heading off soon ­ VAYA con Dios!

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