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It happened. The Final Summer Farewell...all the interns gathered at Majestic Japanese restaurant at 6:30 p.m. this evening, their last day at Versan ...

What a bellyful of laughs! I have never laughed so much, ate so many edamame, spicy calamari, chicken skewers, california sushi rolls, lobster ramen, wasabi shrimp rolls, octopus salad, chicken gyoza and green tea ice-cream, japanese ice-cream, molten lava chocolate cake along with great teas and liqueurs at this wonderful restaurant.

We were riotously funny, creating a stink in the entire place, forcing many patrons to give us that sneer, but we were having our fun and final day with the interns who slogged through the summer and created our website, set up our marketing strategies, logistically fixed our events from now till December, engineered our move from 134 Constant Spring Road to 2 Good wood Terrace, painted, worked through the dust, cleared all boxes, rearranged files, created the tuck shop, saw to the smooth transition of construction to readied classrooms, all in all, Versan in its new location, owes them a lot!



I will miss them as they head back to school. Their assistance has been invaluable. Their unassailable efforts in front of overwhelming circumstances - amazing. For their tender ages, their unflappable maturity and professionalism. Their camaraderie developed - priceless.

We will miss them, sincerely. I guess it is now time to say Back to School, back to the doldrums, back to life without the exciting interns. The secrets they revealed at the dinner table!


We were happy to see Dominique Duncan back in the fold, congrats on Western!

Happy to acknowledge Iyanda Channer-Newman's massive scholarship to Purnell in New Jersey (at this late stage). Thank goodness for that infusion of money to their endowment enabling our bright spark to finally get a spot and an opportunity.

And may all celebrate Jamaica's Emancipendence weekend. Remember who we are as we become ambassadors for our countries overseas, do not drink too much, do not overdo anything this weekend, be safe and strong till we reopen on August 7th!

I needed this break to rest!

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