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While we bask in the riveting and dazzling registration drive...doors open and ribbons cut with dear interns for the summer, weddings of past students (Jaime Yap and Sandy Lee)...yes, they are both Versan babies...and did I dance my feet off.....even Mr. George Habib had to ask, I did not know you were so light on your feet...Ms. Bramwell.....hello!?! And as we bask in our new office space, classrooms and tuck we meet new students, parents and hear the wonderful testimonies that led an obscure name to remember our past deeds and send a new family to our doors...we remember the saying..."when chicken merry, hawk dey near"....OK, Carolyn Cooper, I am using my Jamaican Creole English to a powerful effect.....the hawk drew near and some bad news came our I dedicate this space, this blog to my dear friend, fellow Wolmerian, Ms. Hanna who passed away yesterday. Before I do, let me signal the chicken merry bit and then end the blog in full reverence of a a great woman....

SAT RESULTS (JUNE) Congrats to all who took the exam, but to my candy scalawag, George Tomblin Morgan, congrats on your 2390 out of 2400....Brown University is smiling. To those who took off for summer school: Giselle Gill, Lamar Chang, Calvin Wright, Arianne Kumst and all the others, enjoy summer school....and learn as much as you can... To my two past students who tied the knot on Saturday...good seeing past parents...felt like a grandmother as the bridal party had all my old students....and some are working on child #2.... Good seeing you Mrs. Messado..... The website is finally taking definition, to be rolled out in expert hands...finally! And to all our past boarding school students who are back in office to get college apps wrapped up for next year...good to see you back in the fold, let's get to work. AND THE HAWK NEWS Ms. Hanna was a dear friend and will always be one to remember. She followed every Versan blog, article in the dailies and chided any employee at Versan who answered her in a suave manner. She is an indomitable woman and continued to be our PR wherever she went. She knew me as a little girl, watched me go to college, oversaw the birth and growth of this company and endeared herself so much to me that I was truly given the responsibility for her grandnephews' academic futures: Naim, Elias and Dimitri. I will miss my Wolmerian friend....Versan has lost a true Amazon hold a space in our hearts at Versan. May you rest in peace. Travel well, my friend...until we meet again. My sister, Winsome, narrowly escaped death, totaled her car, but managed to walk out of the hospital today when she averted a collision with a cyclist who Tboned her and caused her to crash in a tree....Thank God she is ok as we would have not had our Versan NY posse led by a true leader... And for our dear confidante who needs urgent surgery, we pray for you and entrust you to the One above to walk with you ... GOODBYES To our dear Nicholas, we wish him goodbye after three weeks as an intern. He heads off to University of North Dakota (Aviation)...Stay strong and alert Nicholas, we all love you! See you next week...and "Thank you, Sandra", as Ms. Hanna would say at the end of every telephone call...

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