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It is summer! The interns are back. Nicholas Foo is back...from last summer...quite comfortable amongst all the divas...creating information to prospective clients..and unable to start a Toyota many interns did it take to do it? 5! We will miss him when he heads out to North Dakota for his aviation degree. There is Ashley Kumst, fresh from Mercyhurst College...serving as our Girl Friday. A sure help in need..just an oops moment in glass..but she prevailed. To Joshua.Butcher..the general in charge from St Andrew's Sewanee school..everyone heeds his dictates as he keeps the office on an even keel. To Geana-Joie from Alpha's Lower VI, we applaud her for keeping Ms. Bramwell on her appointments... Last but not least..the Great Zara, the exceptional project planner (currently attending Ms. Hall's in Massachusetts) has done our press release for Youthlink this past Tuesday. Tremendous job. Happy to have you all on board.......and Monday, fiery Richelle joins the crew. VISAS Glad to see everyone getting their student visas done. The calendar we are receiving is early July at the US late comers, hurry up! OPENING OFFICE PARTY We celebrate the new office at the end of June all day., music, food and your good wishes. See TVJ's Smile Jamaica's Calendar of Events for all details. Glad to see Shemar stop by the office. That was a great meeting!

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