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Yes.......summer is about to be here. Students are concluding all National CAPE and CSEC exams. They are jumping high in the air and saying....freedom.....but not so fast. The reality is we are 6 months away from December ...the deadline for all applications...What does that mean? The summer has to be used to complete one's essays, resume, financial aid forms, study for one's upcoming exams in October and November, do summer sessions to enhance one's resume...and whew! a new round of work begins. So for those heading off to schools overseas next really do not have a summer for frolicking! OUR VISITORS Good to see Michelle Harrison, who recently completed her Master's Degree at Harvard University. was back in her old consultee's chair to discuss her gruelling year there. As one knows with Versan graduates, they lead others who have just landed on those shores. Michelle is about to guide Marian who lands on Boston's treasured soil shortly.....Likewise, Keren Alfred, who just completed her Junior and Senior years at Deerfield Academy and heads off to Brown University is ready to assist Taro Jones who heads to Deerfield to complete his studies. We see that he will have the proverbial older hand of a Versan alum guide him through. That's how we do it and keep momentum going.... MORE GRADUATIONS To Shemar Yap who looked dashing in his suit at The McDuffie School (pictures to be added) - congrats! He heads to Stevens Institute of Technology for Environmental Engineering. And to Keren in her beautiful white dress, congrats on making it at Deerfield! THOSE HEADING OFF TO SUMMER SCHOOL Do check in to see that you have all in tow....before departure. VISAS I see that we are close to the end of July on visa dates, so hurry up, you guys! SAT and SSAT The dates were last week Saturday.....ACT is this Saturday. We will see....... Pictures anon...Congrats Richelle on getting one step closer.....thanks to Steve our carpenter who will soon have our tuck shop area up and running, as well as the the AC man for great cleaning, the Hughs family for providing great workmen, Shane and the our Versan patrons who offered to assist....oh we give thanks. Power of the people....Thanks for the book, Rebecca, but your college work starts now. Let the summer show begin!

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